Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paint Chip Calendar

 In an effort to redo my classroom this year and make it more functional for both my students and me, I decided to make a paint chip calendar rather than using the standard classroom calendar you can buy in teacher stores.

I'm so excited to use this because now I can write important dates on the calendar for all students to see rather than constantly answering, "When is our next test?" or "Do we have a day off from school this month?"

It was very cheap to make but took a little time to get it just right. Here's what you need.

  • Picture frame (I got mine at Michael's for $11 and it's an 18x24)
  • Paint chip samples (free from any paint store)
  • Spray paint
That's it!!

The first step is to spray paint the back of the paper that comes in the frame. You could also use scrapbook paper for the background but I had some spray paint on hand so that was easiest for me.

Then, cut your paint samples down to size and lay them out on the board.

Next, glue or tape them to the background, add your days of the week, and you're done!!

I saw some really cute school scrapbook stickers at Michael's. So to spruce it up a bit, I'm going to put them on there to indicate test dates, holidays, and field trips.

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