Saturday, September 22, 2012

Positive Affirmations for Students

This year, my teammates and I decided to start each class period with positive affirmations for the students. We want to encourage our students and build them up so they have an "I can" attitude rather than "I can't."

Each of us picked a few affirmations that we liked best. I have mine displayed on the front wall so the students can always see them.

I will choose one per day and start each class with it. There is power in the spoken word and we want our students to feel empowered, motivated, and full of self-worth!!


  1. Great idea! I have had some success with "I can" statements and am happy to see another teacher doing this. Nice posters!

  2. I just found your blog through the TPT stores. I like those posters and I am putting them on my wish list for next years classroom. Thanks for sharing with your newest follower, Heather
    The paint chip calender is pretty cool, too!

  3. You're welcome Heather! My kids have enjoyed the affirmations this year and I feel it has created a more positive classroom atmosphere.
    Also, the paint chip calendar was super easy, cheap and has been wonderful in my classroom. I highly recommend it!

  4. I AM so happy that you are doing this!! I teach adults these same affirmations and I have no doubts that teaching children is life changing!!! WOOHOO to super cool teachers

  5. Well done! I am definitely using these in my class this year.